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Super explosive Mario 64 Super explosive Mario 64

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I want that game.

That was hillarious. If I was interested in hacking, I would definitely look into the links.
I love what you did with Mario's face, I laugh at that every single time!

Nice work ^u^

Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yet another AWESOME work.

I have an urge to just sound like one of those screaming fans, "OMG AWESOME DIS IS TEH BEST ZOMG YOU FREAKIN' ROCK!!!!!!!!ONEONE111"

But I respect you more than that, so how 'bout a serious review?
GRAPHICS: Not only the best sprites around, and although I preferred the Yoshi's Island Yoshi sprites and the Wario Land 4 Wario sprites, the ones you used fit much better. The custom edits were just pure awesome, and I see that it takes time and effort to customize them so well!
STYLE: DBZ owns. You finally finished, after 5 episodes, getting rid of all the backstories, so that all the action was focused here!
SOUND: I don't think I even recognized most of the music, yet they still fit so well, were great to listen too, and the sound effects rock, as always--I give that a 9,000+/10 ^^
VIOLENCE: LOVED IT. Kinda sad you took out the Koopa Bros. & Axem Rangers X, but hey, not everyone lives like Yoshi did vs. Mecha Sonic!
INTERACTIVITY: Play Button=1, Scene Select & Credits=2, Text Buttons=2, manuvering through credits=2. INTERACTIVITY=7
HUMOR: I'm gonna have to watch that again, cuz I was trying to watch Shadow & Mecha fight . . . but I was too busy laughing at the others roll down the hill! Waluigi Inner Tube=+$9,000

OVERALL: I am extremely hypercritical, but I love DBZ, and you were damn near getting straight tens (pay no attention to interactivity; it's a movie). I just liked the action more than the humor. And you STILL got a 10, and from me of all ppl. Anybody who gives this less than a 10 doesn't like more than 1 of these things: DBZ, Mario, Sonic, Flash films. I don't even know much about the world of Sonic, and I still love this! 5/5

Oh yeah, You'll hear from me about how awesome this is on DA as well; I'm the guy that drew the Super DA Buddehs Melee pic ^^

Future Future

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing work of art

Forget the two reviewers before me. I liked it, and I was amazed.

Graphics: All original artwork, cartoonized with a black background. You did a wonderous job mixing the theme and the artwork. The only thing bad about this was that there were times that the bikes were flipped and looked pretty 2-D, but that was the only drawback. Also as a minor side note, the beams coming out the back of the planes was a bit off sometimes, but that doesn't affect the score. Just the bikes. The rest was amazing!

Style: Very original, as far as I've seen. Maybe you have to watch it more than once to get the point, but otherwise, seeing 3 scenarios going together at once was awesome, especially how one went into the other.

Sound: Only one piece of music, and it was a music video basically, but the way it went with the animations was priceless. No sound fx, but those aren't really necessary.

Violence: The whole thing wasn't really supposed to be about fighting, so no highs on this, but you added violence when you had the chance and made it flow really well.

Interactivity: +1 for the play button, +1 for the replay button.

Humor: It wasn't supposed to be a comedy, but it was cool.

Overall 9/10: If the bikes were 3D more often, this would be a 10. Forget the two reviewers before me, they just didn't focus on it enough to see the point. It was great, the action was great, the animation was great, and once you get the point of everything you can see that it is flawless--except the bikes, but don't worry about that!

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Orange Runner Orange Runner

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Improvable, but still awesome.

I find this very entertaining! However, it could still improve. The saws are harder to dodge below around 75 mph; shouldn't it become easier to get back on your feet when you slow down? Also, at certain speeds below that, it is IMPOSSIBLE to dodge them, since you'll land on them no matter how you time it.
Not that it's a good thing to slow down, but the same thing happens above 190. If you're going fast enough, the distance between relatively shrinks to less than the distance you can jump, which means when you're jumping over a series of saws, you'll eventually land on one. I think the distance between saws should increase as you get faster to compensate. The warning signs should also compensate, but just enough so that timing the jump is still possible, but still difficult.
One more thing: the invincibility feature should be more visible than just blinking. Since when you're up to speed the background and everything else is flashing, it's hard to differenciate that with the blinking. Perhaps a change of color or a contrasting (as in, blue) barrier that appears around our hero? That way it's easier to tell when you have it and when it runs out.

Other than that, great game. Not quite a 10 in my book, but very good nonetheless. I like it (:

Maxwelldoggums responds:

ok, Thanks for reviewing! I'll work on some of those features in the future.

Stalactite v1.1 Stalactite v1.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I saw the file size and immediately thought I was gonna earn a blam point, but I thought differently after taking a look. Very short, but it kept me entertained long enough to play Zelda's Lullaby and Jigglypuff's song. One thing you could fix, though, is to give less time between hitting the same note more than once. I enjoyed it, but the delay leaves it only open for making very slow paced melodies.

I give it a 6 because the graphics, as few as there were, set the mood well and what little animation there was was well done, albiet there was probably only one animation copied several times. But it worked. Simple, but sweet.